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Day: 3rd Thursday of the Monthunless otherwise noted in the Programs.

Time: 7:00 pm setup, 7:30pm call to order
Location: S. F. County Fair Building, Recreation Room
1199 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way (entrance to Golden Gate Park), San Francisco
See Maps for directions.

Meetings include a featured speaker, program or discussion topic along with members Show and Tell, refreshments and the very popular plant raffle table and silent bid plant auction. See Programs and Dates. (Note: this year we are having our annual tour in July in lieu of a meeting.)

Our meetings are also listed in the events calendar of the San Francisco Botanical Garden.


Programs 2017:


Cryptanthus lacerdaeFebruary 16: Cryptanthus with Keith Smith.
Cryptanthus is a genus in the Bromeliaceae family. Cryptanthus only grow terrestrially as opposed to many other bromeliads that can grow mounted on a substrate. The genus get its name from the Greek words meaning hidden flower. Cryptanthus are more commonly known as Earth Stars, a name they received because of the shape of their foliage. With over 1,200 different varieties, Cryptanthus have incredibly varied and beautiful foliage ranging from dark green and variegated to bright reds and pinks to silvery stripes. Most Cryptanthus grow close to the ground and can be as small as three inches in height. However, there are some species of Cryptanthus that can grow as tall as three feet. Earth Stars are endemic to South America. More specifically, they can be found growing on Brazilís rain forest floors. Unlike many other bromeliads, they grow in the soil. The canopies under which they grow, allows diffused sunlight through. Because of their adaptations to this environment, Cryptanthus have special care considerations. Keith Smith will present a slide show illustrating the wide variety of both species and hybrid cryptanthus. He will also give detailed instructions on how to care for them and will have a number of them on the plant table. If you have cryptanthus, please bring them to the show and tell table so our members can see some of the varieties that are grown locally.

Keith SmithKeith Smith has been a member and board member of the Sacramento Bromeliad Society and the BSI for over 40 years. He has a large greenhouse in Auburn in which he grows far too many bromeliads and other genera. He provides many of the Society's plant tables. This, unfortunately, has not helped create space, as he is unable to discard even dying plants in order to produce pups. He has presented numerous programs to the Sacramento Society, usually describing the plants and culture of a specific genus.

March 23: TBT

April 20: TBT

May 18: TBT

June 15: Dr. Carlos Sanchez, Director of the Havana Botanical Garden

July: No meeting. Annual Tour

August 17: James Thurrott. Jay began growing bromeliads in the 70’s and now grows more than 700 varieties of bromeliads at his home in Port Orange, Florida.

September 21: TBT

October 19: TBT

November 16: TBT

December 21: Holiday Potluck











All meetings are on the 3rd Thursday of the month.

January 19
2017 Pacific Orchid Expo, San Francisco Orchid Society.
February 24-26,

March 23, April 20,
May 18, June 15,
No July Meeting, Annual Tour
August 17, September 21,
October 19, November 16,
December 21, Holiday Potluck

San Francisco Botanical Garden
May 5, Members Only Sale 5-8pm
May 6, Public Sale 10am-2pm,

2017 BSSF Annual SALE with SF Succulent and Cactus Society, June 10 & 11, Saturday & Sunday


Annual BSSF Garden Tour July, 2017

San Francisco

Locations to be announced

There will be a potluck picnic so please bring a dish for 8 and beverage to share. 

Dan's contact info is