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Welcome to the
Bromeliad Society of San Francisco.

We are dedicated to the growth and spread of horticultural and scientific knowledge of the Bromeliad Family (Bromeliaceae) and enthusiasm for the preservation of its species and habitats.

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Hardy Bromeliads for Bay Area Gardens

What are your Hardiest Bromeliads for the Bay Area?
Outside the Bay Area? The Tropiflora List

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Bruce_HolstNovember 16:
3 years of Bromeliad Hunting in Belize:
Bruce Holst will share stories and images of his work during the past three years to inventory epiphytic plants of Belize, particularly bromeliads. The work has added many new records to the log of species known in Belize, including some species previously unknown to science.

BruceHolstBruce K. Holst, Director of Botany, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens
Bruce has enjoyed studying plants for over 40 years and has participated on more than 25 international plant research and collecting expeditions. He is interested plant diversity and distribution in the American Tropics. He is a BSI Director for the Southern Region and formerly edited the Journal of the Bromeliad Society. He is currently working on projects related to the floras of Belize, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Florida.



Bruce Belize group







BSSF Welcomes Guests
and New Members.
Meetings held
3rd Thursdays, 7:30 p.m. at
S. F. County Fair Building, Recreation Room
1199 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way (entrance to Golden Gate Park), San Francisco
(Note, February meeting is on the 28th)
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Membership is $15US per person or $20US per household annually. Membership includes a Monthly Newsletter sent via email or snail mail.

Checks may be payable to BSSF and sent to
Harold Charns Tres.
255 States St.
San Francisco, Ca. 94114
or contact Harold.

Annual Garden Tour, July 2017 Tour the San Francisco.

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Bromeliad Growing
The Bromeliad Society of San Francisco is an affiliate of the Bromeliad Society International, BSI. For complete botanical, habitat and horticultural information and indentification the BSI site is the best place to begin. The BSI publishes a bimonthly color journal with the latest bromeliad information and discoveries and membership is encouraged.

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